Martin Težak-Absolute world champion in playing the diatonic accordion


Martin Težak

Accordion world champion biography
Martin Težak was born on October 19, 1977 in Novo mesto, Slovenia. The whole family had talent for music. When Martin was eight years old, his father gave him his first diatonic accordion (button box) and taught him a few songs. Six months later he already played in front of a big audience at the famous event in Bela krajina, Vinska vigred. Since then the accordion has been Martin’s constant companion.


Over the years Martin playing lot at different anniversaries, meetings and dances(partys). Just before his twenty-first birthday Martin was noticed by Mr. Martin Malešič who invited him to collaboration. As a Duo Martini they played together. When they joined by Martin Malešič junior they started to perform as trio Martini. More than 220 marriages and more than 700 performances are written in his book of memories

World champion on diatonic accordion

In 2007 he began to realize his long desired dream – to fight for the world championship title or least try and give his best. His efforts were rewarded on August 19, 2010 in Roccagorga near Rome, when Martin Težak became the absolute world champion on diatonic accordion. This title means much more to Martin because, he was able to get this title with his own composition Jesenska romanca (Autumn Romance) and his own arrangement of Devil mix, created by several authors (Martin Težak, Fulvijo Jurinčič, Zoran Lupinc and Anton Sotošek)


For the Guinness Book of Records


Other important achievements:

European champion over 18 years at the european Championship 2009
European champion over 18 years at the european Championship 2010
First place on world Championship 2009
Absolute winner for the Avsenik competition 2009

Two gold medals at Zlata harmonika Ljubečne (Gold harmonica Lubečna) in 2008 and 2009
Several first places at local competitions in Slovenia, Austria and Italy
Special Award in the field of Culture 2010
Sign in Book of World Records for keeping largest accordion ensemble-1137 accordionists in 2011

rekordPersonal achievement

In 2012, Martin Težak organized festival accordion, which he named- In the land of the accordion. In the land of the accordion name represents Slovenia, which is known as the country with probably the most accordionists in terms of size and population in the world. At the festival he represent itself on continuously played 37 hours on his accordion.

In September 2010 Martin Težak officially registered his own business; Melodiart-accordion music school. He will be providing his experience and knowledge to the younger and older to the best ob his abilities. His great desire is to make them the best possible accordionists, whether they play for their own soul, in a band or competitions. He also writes his own songs, creates arrangements of folk songs and other well-known melodies. He lives in Slovenia near Metlika, where his wife Silvija help him in business, while hic children Blaž, Tina and Nejc make every day playful and interesting.



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